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Breaking News…is broken

I have been delayed several times in writing. I feel for those in Boston. Now the tragedy in Texas. Praying for them all. This blog is supposed to be about technology, and how it affects culture and society. This last week or two, all

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The Haunting Web-Act Like It Matters

A news article that was published yesterday suggest this Angelfire page from 1999 was Facebook CEO first attempt at web design/development. True or not, and it could be an elaborate hoax, it is a good reminder that the web is

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First Class

Flower from Carving Class

Started a new class today. Carving. As in wood. With knives. Actually, they call them gouges, because they are shaped a bit like a chisel, only the bite (the cutting end) is often an arc or U or V shape. Here, let

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Iconic icon

It is breathtaking to behold, stunning in size. Seen from afar, it looks almost unreal. A granite dome, cut in half. I have been to Yosemite at many different stages in my life. And while the outdoors in general have provided a source

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And we are off to the races…

Hello, welcome. As of now, I have a vague suspicion of an inkling that might coalesce into a general idea of what I intended to do here and with this. I might be overstating that. What would you, dear reader (assuming you exist) like to hear

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