First Class

Started a new class today. Carving. As in wood. With knives. Actually, they call them gouges, because they are shaped a bit like a chisel, only the bite (the cutting end) is often an arc or U or V shape. Here, let me grab a picture for you.

Gouge Profiles

Wood Carving Gouge Profiles

I have no experience carving, so this was a chance for me to learn something new. There is a bit of a start-up cost though. The instructor was kind enough to let me use his tools for this first class, as the basic set of tools is around $150. So after some basic introduction into how the bevel worked on the wood, angle to hold the tool at, and types of cuts, i set about starting my first carving.

There is a running cut, which is when the tool is slid along the wood, lifting the handle slightly to cut into and then lowering to exit the cut. This makes a smooth groove in the wood that doesn’t have a sharp edge to it. A stop cut is when the tool is held vertically and the point pressed or pounded into the wood, creating an indent in the shape of the profile of the tool. This is combined with a running cut that is made to the stop cut, making a channel in the wood that ends at a sharp wall. The last one I learned was a chip cut, usually made with a straight edge. Cut into the wood at close to 45 degree angle to s short depth, and then repeated from the other direction, this makes a 90 degree V in the wood in a straight line.

All this to say, I don’t think the work I did in the 3 hours of carving today is at all impressive, but satisfying in that it as a discernible design. I submit my work here for your amusement and mockery.

Flower from Carving Class

A flower, or the start of one, done during first day of carving class

If you are confused about how this might be related to the aim of this blog, then please tell me of the aim of this blog. My intention is to write more tech centered, but this was an interesting experience that I wanted to share. Maybe there will be 2 sections to this blog, the tech and the art, as I love and dabble in both, and perhaps we will find the fusion ground that meshes the creative with the mechanical and electrical here. Looking forward to all of your thoughts.

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