Breaking News…is broken

I have been delayed several times in writing. I feel for those in Boston. Now the tragedy in Texas. Praying for them all.

This blog is supposed to be about technology, and how it affects culture and society. This last week or two, all the news I have seen and wanted to comment on has been frustrating, angering, sad, and downright infuriating.

I don’t feel inspired to be … anything, really. Around the clock news, spewing tragedy from all parts of the globe. Because it sells.

I hold specific viewpoints on a lot of subjects. Kind of an obvious statement. I know that there is no such thing as an unbiased opinion  and that as much as anyone putting content out for public consumption can try to overcome their bias on the topic at hand, it is invariably going to slip in there a little.


Kitten Mumtaz

Mumtaz as a kitten

Just to make you feel better, because it makes me feel better. She is older and bigger now, but still just as adorable.

That was cathartic, no?

News, especially ‘Breaking News’, is broken. Technology provides us with the means to acquire information on events in nearly real-time. News, not the stories but the agencies that provide those stories via media and are defined as ‘Press’, are fighting a battle they will lose. Their old model was ‘FIFW’, First In First Win. If they got a story out first, or had the new information on a story first, they were in the money. It meant we, the consuming public and their source of revenue, were paying attention to them first. Better viewership, more valuable ad space, etc.  That model is broken and can not be fixed.


Because the sources that news agencies used to stay up to date are now available to almost everyone. Now those same groups are acting as aggregators. gleaning the freshest cuts and regurging as swiftly as possible. This means less fact checking, less desire for quality.

I don’t know what the new news model should be, especially for it to be profitable. Maybe the facts of an event shouldn’t be profitable. Maybe, like Linux, the core is free. It is the assistance and expertise that cost. If there was a news source that delved really deep into the topic and discussed all the related, secondary, and tertiary details.

Just so that we are all on the same page, I speak with no authority on this. I am not in the ‘Press’, never took journalism classes, only ever had 2 writing classes in college (exposition and technical writing *cringe*). I spell like a 3rd grader. And, as I am sure you are aware from reading this blog, not any good at coherency or elucidation.

Thank you for putting up with this post, it scratched an itch I have had for a while.

Next up…”Why DRM is jet fuel for Digital Piracy”

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