Quilting Quieted

Bittersweet Memories

Mom's Quilt

One of many quilts my mom made

My mom was a super homemaker. Today, a woman who stays home and pursues domestic things is not as respected as the working Mom.

I had a Quicksilver snow jacket when I was younger that I thought was awesome. Grey, with black shoulders and sides, with a black stripe down the arm, the black separated from grey with blue piping(please believe me, I looked for a picture of it somewhere on the net for you). Try as I could, I never found a pair of matching snowboard pants. Oh, I could find black ones, silver ones, or even blue ones, but never that matched the style and colors of that jacket. So my mom made me snowboard pants. She matched the colors, the ratio of the colors, and the way they all fit together. She even put large pads in the butt and knees. Those pants rocked, and while they did not look a hundred percent like store-bought (no logo, and less of a sheen to the fabric) I wore them proudly. I still would if I still fit in them(and hadn’t destroyed them by wearing them so much).

Another thing she created a lot was quilts. Being a young kid, I did not appreciate those as much. I didn’t actively DISlike them, they just seemed unimportant. I received one as a wedding gift, with the date and names stitched into one corner, I still use it on my bed.

I will never receive another one. Not from my mom, at least. Almost three years ago now, I lost my mother and father. The quilt in the photo, that one hung in the hall outside their bedroom. Now it hangs in my living room. I use it to cover the wall mounted TV when it is not being used. The quilts, there are many in my house now, they are all silent reminders of how quiet life can become when some of the voices go out of it.

Last February, I attended my grandfather’s funeral in WI. He was a master craftsman with wood. I have things of wood that he made. His son, my father, also loved to work in the shop. A massive bookshelf sits in my living room, created from Cherry wood by my dad.

Lest you think my some morbid fool surrounding myself with the leavings of past relatives, I have no such intentions. Rather, these items are beautifully and wonderfully made, with love and care. It inspires me to find ways to create things that will express that same sense to others.

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2 comments on “Quilting Quieted
  1. What a gorgeous quilt . Your Mother was a very talented quilter. This is a beautiful blog, honouring your mother and grandfather. These handmade items are the things in life that can never be replaced. Many people are left with no tangible reminders of their loved ones. I am sure you will cherish them for many years to come.


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