Our own fault?

I would like to have a discussion about a certain topic. Not an argument.

From one perspective, it could be argued (excuse me, I mean discussed) without GMO, there would be no corn, wheat, apples, cows, dogs, cats, or a whole host of other things(even humans, given one belief system.) We live in a world where every successive generation is, in the broadest sense of the term, a genetically modified organism. And it hasn’t just been ‘natural selection’ that has guided that path. For as long as man has put hand to till, he has chosen the desirable characteristics of his food and encouraging them, while discouraging the undesirable ones.

Conversely, artificially introducing genes that can’t occur (so that when you have scorched the earth and destroyed to a microbic level every living thing, your corn still grows straight and tall) seems to cross a line. And while some of those Sci-Fi stories of gene splicing (being able to grow fur like a puma, have claws, fangs, super sight and smell, all through the wonder of gene therapy), there are just as many stories of how it could all go wrong.

So let’s have a talk about exactly why GMOs are such a terrible/amazing thing(circle one.) This way when the true children of the corn rise up and form an alliance with the Ents and Skynet, we all know why its our own fault.

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