Thoughts in the dark

A lot of the time, I read a news story, I get angry, because the reporter didn’t do enough, or report all the facets of the story, or there are facts missing; and sometimes I get angry at the people in the story for their idiocy or ineptitude.

But sometimes, I read a news story, and it makes me afraid. Sad, and afraid. It makes me ask, what did I fight for? What did I give 5 years of my life, 3 years of my marriage, and a part of my soul to? What did my friends die for?

At the time, we did it for each other. Holding strong to a sense of camaraderie that I can never describe to those who don’t and didn’t share that life; and will always have with those that did.

Before I ever stepped on those yellow footprints, I told myself grand things, about protecting freedom, serving a nation that has given me so much, exercising my greatest in citizenry duty.


Now I just whisper to myself sometimes, ‘Thank God, it is over and I am out.’

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