Nutritional Never

About a week ago I went into the new GNC near where I live. I admit it, I am on the extreme end of the BMI table. I used to be closer to normal healthy weight(though I have never been in the normal range) but after I left Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children  I kept taking in the kilocalorie, but hardly expending any of them. So I have taken up rock climbing. Since I don’t have a death wish, I keep it indoors.

Getting back to GNC, I figured that now I had an exercise routine,(which is a little less routine than it really needs to be, but I get there at least 3 times a week) I figured it might be good to get some workout enhancers. They don’t work by themselves(that’s why they are called supplements), but I do believe that if you are actively exercising, there are things out there that can help the process along, as well as fine tune what results you are going for. I went into a GNC, hoping for some expert advice, start with this, these are some options, this is good for more serious workouts, etc. Instead, the person lined up about 7 different products (almost all GNC brand) and said take these. I don’t know what made them assume I was made of that kind of money. I don’t dress well, I don’t drive an expensive care, my hair is mess, oh and did I mention I AM OVERWEIGHT? Maybe they saw a fat chud and thought they could milk me for a barrel of cash on my wish to get thin. Thing is, I know that to get thin again, even if it is just back to obese, takes hard work. There is nothing in this world that can cut that part out. After asking some questions about the necessity of each of the items,(turns out there really was only one item in the stack that truly seemed like it might help, which I bought) the sales rep tries to pop the buy one get one 50% so I should buy 2 of everything. Oh, and all 7 of those products would last me 1 month and I would need 3 months to see the best results. WTF!? If the stuff you pedal only shows results in 3 months, sell it as a 3 month supply!

Last item, and probably the true reason I will not revisit GNC, the salespeople work on commission. I do not have a problem with that by default, but on health items? I want someone knowledgeable who is going to try to give me the right stuff for what I am trying to do, not sell me as many items with the biggest profit margin as possible while playing on my insecurity and desire. Worst of all, it makes me question EVERYTHING the sales rep told me about what should help.

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