Blogember: 5 Favorite Blogs

I don’t use an RSS feeder for blogs, more because reading each post isn’t why I read a blog. Let’s use my first favorite blog (note: not listed in order of importance) as an example.

This is a technology blog, centered on Microsoft SharePoint. This is a product I work with a lot in my job (a lot being an understatement). It is a vast, highly complicated system that must interface with Exchange, Active Directory, and SQL. It can also be used to connect to all sorts of Business Data Sources. So, while having a good working knowledge and some problem solving skills is highly recommended when working with said product, I can’t know everything. Having several sites that are good at distilling some of the obscure parts and problems, as well as good guides and solutions, means quicker turnaround time when someone breaks one of my preciouses… MY PRECIOUSES.

Ahem, excuse me.

There isn’t really a way for me to link to this next on, and I don’t know if it counts as a blog. CNN has a writer for their technology section by the name of Jarrett Bellini, who writes a weekly piece called ‘Apparently this matters’  which happens to by just my kind of funny most the time.


In case you were unaware, this blog is hosted on (look at the URL). There are a great many blogs on WordPress, and the Freshly Pressed rabbit hole is bottomless, at least the Daily Post is topic based. Each day, they post a post prompt (post a post? Maybe publish? Meh.),  that others write on (just like this Blogember thing) then leave pingbacks to their blogs. This gives me ideas on what to write (sometimes, like, when I get around to writing) and it lets me visit other blogs where I know what the post will (generally) be about first, so I don’t find myself in that weird zone of the internet that laughs at you as it slowly rips your eyeballs out with a pair of rusty oven tongs and pours black ichor into your soul. What? You never been there? Be glad of it and don’t go looking. You don’t believe me? I am not linking to it.


I said, NO.

Go find it yourself, then. Just don’t come back here, you’ll bring them with you if you do.

petitepeaker logo

The outdoors are a great place to get away from technology (even though that’s what this blog is all about). Here is a  blog I find inspiring. Getting out and doing even just a short walk in the woods (leaving the phone in the car) can do wonders for just being able to refocus.

download (1)And then there is the side of me that remembers all those lessons in boot camp and MCT and MOS school and Wilderness Survival training. Nature is beautiful, but she will stab you in the back and leave you for dead if you don’t keep one eye on her at all times. This is a great place to visit, but the SAR blog keeps you sober about just what can go wrong.

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