Uncomfortable, much?

You may have seen news about how Apple is no longer using Google as a results provider in SearchLight (OS X built in search) and is serving DuckDuckGo results instead. You can still use Google search in Safari search bar, but only if you select it (or of course, go to google.com). This is being touted as a great move forward in privacy, that big scary company (funny, used to be Microsoft, now they are teamed up with Apple) doesn’t get its grubby mits on your precious IP(that isn’t really yours, actually belongs to your ISP).

Anyways, this is all smoke and mirrors, making you think that that posh, shiny corporate office at One Infinite Loop is out to protect you and your privacy from that big shlumpy company at 1600 Amphitheatre Way (did that sound disingenuous? BECAUSE IT WAS!), when in fact, for a long time now (in computer terms) when you did a search from Safari’s search bar, the search was parsed through Apple first, so Google only recorded the search as coming from Apple. (This is not true if you go to google.com and do the search or use Chrome browser, and it is still not true in those cases on OS X.)

Oh and BTW, DuckDuckGo does not(and freely admits it) do a full crawl of the web, it serves results from other sources such as Yahoo (Google’s old home) and Bing (powered by the old bad guy, Microsoft) and ‘other sources(Google*cough*cough)’. Sure, those sources get only DuckDuckGo as the origin of those searches, just as they only got Apple as the source before.

Not trying to say that this is a bad move, in fact it is probably a good move (marketing wise at the very less, what with the public’s hyper-awareness of “big data”(which really isn’t a thing))BACK ON TOPIC), more the reason for this long winded post is that the hype is more hot steam than substance, and while hot steam might be good for your pores, having it blown up your butt is just uncomfortable for everybody.

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