Pay to Play

Lots of noise over Comcast announcement to share your home internet, and not because they announced it. This feels like media hype; all right, it is media hype (and sure, this post is capitalizing on it, what else should I write about? Fruit baskets?).

See what I did there? It’s called a cold open. That is where I start talking (yes, yes, I know, writing) on a topic as though it were the middle of a conversation, referencing things or alluding to the tangentially so as to pique your interest. So, do I have it?

Comcast has been rolling out a service where by they use their customers to provide WiFi access points for other customers. When a person signs up for internet services from Comcast, they are provided with a modem, the new ones containing a WiFi router. Which means you don’t have to go buy one, or set it up (why would you? they gave you one for free. WRONG). You pay a rental fee for the modem. $5-$8 a month are what I have heard reported. You don’t own the modem/router.

To keep from getting technical about bands and frequencies, lets say that the router has doors. When you get it from Comcast, they set up the door for your home. All your computers, tablets, phones, and WiFi enabled fridges use that door to access the internet. It has a name and password, so only those you give the password to can use that door.

What is new, different, is that Comcast has added another door. Anyone that has a Comcast account (and that is the important part) can use that door to access the internet. So if I have Comcast at home, and I go to a friends house who uses Comcast, I don’t need the password for his door, I can use the Comcast door with my username and password that I check my Comcast email with.

To Be Continued….
Lets here what you think before I write more, does this sound good or bad?

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