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How not to get shocked by #ShellShock

It is not that bad, I swear.

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Iwo Jima to the stars

A composite piece I did today, using Hubble image and a picture taken in DC. I was testing out lighting and shade from light source not in original photo. It has some flaws, and I may try to clean it

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Art print

The test print of Long Walk in the Rain arrived today, but I missed the delivery man. Should be here tomorrow, excited to see how the large print turned out. Got my hands on some super high res images from

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Update: Late

I have not posted in ages, because Life. Go figure. Anyway, there is an Etsy for Gizmogemony now. And there will be more updates to this blog on a regular basis. (i.e. I am going to set myself a schedule

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Quilting Quieted

Bittersweet Memories My mom was a super homemaker. Today, a woman who stays home and pursues domestic things is not as respected as the working Mom. I had a Quicksilver snow jacket when I was younger that I thought was awesome. Grey,

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Not the update I wanted

I had intended to write something much more meaningful. Whatever. I drew a picture, I meant it to be a cartoonish bird. I was going to do a series of this bird, with different expressions(this was supposed to be surprised). My wife has

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First Class

Flower from Carving Class

Started a new class today. Carving. As in wood. With knives. Actually, they call them gouges, because they are shaped a bit like a chisel, only the bite (the cutting end) is often an arc or U or V shape. Here, let

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