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Blogember: 5 Favorite Blogs

I don’t use an RSS feeder for blogs, more because reading each post isn’t why I read a blog. Let’s use my first favorite blog (note: not listed in order of importance) as an example. This is a technology blog,

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Blogember: Favorite inspiring quote

Funny, that within one iteration of the post challenge, I seem to have come back to photo chips (not chip photos).  Continuing in the same vein then, I would like to share my favorite inspiring quote (as a photo chip(stop

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Blogember: One of the best lessons life has shown me

Sound bites are about worthless. Not just the news sound bite of the latest political gaff (not linking). And actually, what I want to talk about usually doesn’t have sound. Sound bite is maybe the wrong word then. Meme might

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Nutritional Never

About a week ago I went into the new GNC near where I live. I admit it, I am on the extreme end of the BMI table. I used to be closer to normal healthy weight(though I have never been in

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What will be is the will of those that be – NBT

The Next Big Thing When talking about technology and “the next big thing”, it is always important to remember that technology is constantly evolving. Not this leaping from product to product that consumer culture and the idea of Next Big Thing(NBT

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Quilting Quieted

Bittersweet Memories My mom was a super homemaker. Today, a woman who stays home and pursues domestic things is not as respected as the working Mom. I had a Quicksilver snow jacket when I was younger that I thought was awesome. Grey,

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Iconic icon

It is breathtaking to behold, stunning in size. Seen from afar, it looks almost unreal. A granite dome, cut in half. I have been to Yosemite at many different stages in my life. And while the outdoors in general have provided a source

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