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Can I read your story, please?

Since when is it OK for a news website to redacte almost an entire article unless you click through their ad box? If some fashion site or celebrity news site or other entertainment style site wants to make you use

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How not to get shocked by #ShellShock

It is not that bad, I swear.

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Blogember: One of the best lessons life has shown me

Sound bites are about worthless. Not just the news sound bite of the latest political gaff (not linking). And actually, what I want to talk about usually doesn’t have sound. Sound bite is maybe the wrong word then. Meme might

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Thoughts in the dark

A lot of the time, I read a news story, I get angry, because the reporter didn’t do enough, or report all the facets of the story, or there are facts missing; and sometimes I get angry at the people

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Breaking News…is broken

I have been delayed several times in writing. I feel for those in Boston. Now the tragedy in Texas. Praying for them all. This blog is supposed to be about technology, and how it affects culture and society. This last week or two, all

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