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Iwo Jima to the stars

A composite piece I did today, using Hubble image and a picture taken in DC. I was testing out lighting and shade from light source not in original photo. It has some flaws, and I may try to clean it

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Art print

The test print of Long Walk in the Rain arrived today, but I missed the delivery man. Should be here tomorrow, excited to see how the large print turned out. Got my hands on some super high res images from

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The Top Ten Commandments of Password Protection |

The Top Ten Commandments of Password Protection |

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Nutritional Never

About a week ago I went into the new GNC near where I live. I admit it, I am on the extreme end of the BMI table. I used to be closer to normal healthy weight(though I have never been in

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You are the trick

In an announcement made yesterday by FaceBook, some new light has been shed on their ranking system of post in the News Feed. If you never use FB, or opted out, then this probably doesn’t matter much to you. (I would

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Update: Late

I have not posted in ages, because Life. Go figure. Anyway, there is an Etsy for Gizmogemony now. And there will be more updates to this blog on a regular basis. (i.e. I am going to set myself a schedule

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