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Can I read your story, please?

Since when is it OK for a news website to redacte almost an entire article unless you click through their ad box? If some fashion site or celebrity news site or other entertainment style site wants to make you use

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How not to get shocked by #ShellShock

It is not that bad, I swear.

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Pay to Play

Lots of noise over Comcast announcement to share your home internet, and not because they announced it. This feels like media hype; all right, it is media hype (and sure, this post is capitalizing on it, what else should I

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Uncomfortable, much?

You may have seen news about how Apple is no longer using Google as a results provider in SearchLight (OS X built in search) and is serving DuckDuckGo results instead. You can still use Google search in Safari search bar,

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ICANN news, summarized better than I can

Here is a link to a great article that summarizes some of the news concerning ICANN news better than I can…

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Not keeping up like I should

A personal assistant called Android. A satellite communication system called SkyNet. And home delivery robots called Replicants. What is running PR these days, wombats? “here is our brand new autonomous home cleaning appliance, The Terminator!” While all you smart people

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Blogember: 5 Favorite Blogs

I don’t use an RSS feeder for blogs, more because reading each post isn’t why I read a blog. Let’s use my first favorite blog (note: not listed in order of importance) as an example. This is a technology blog,

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Blogember: Favorite inspiring quote

Funny, that within one iteration of the post challenge, I seem to have come back to photo chips (not chip photos).  Continuing in the same vein then, I would like to share my favorite inspiring quote (as a photo chip(stop

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Blogember: One of the best lessons life has shown me

Sound bites are about worthless. Not just the news sound bite of the latest political gaff (not linking). And actually, what I want to talk about usually doesn’t have sound. Sound bite is maybe the wrong word then. Meme might

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Long Wait

It has been long since I posted. This is just an update so this site doesn’t go stale. I am reworking the layout and design.

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